The Five Unique Voices Behind I CAN TASTE THE BLOOD

Hello, Bloodhounds, it’s John again. Since it’s fallen to me to explain all the machinations behind this book, let me introduce my esteemed colleagues whose work is included in I CAN TASTE THE BLOOD, coming August 23rd from Grey Matter Press. JOE SCHWARTZ Joe is as energetic and bombastic a piece of human flesh as Read more about The Five Unique Voices Behind I CAN TASTE THE BLOOD[…]

A unique collection of novellas

Greeting readers, writers and of course fans of fun! I Can Taste The Blood is live on Facebook and Twitter in case you want to follow for updates and information on the authors and publisher, and why the book is going to be the most unique collection of novellas of 2016. For me, personally, I CAN TASTE THE Read more about A unique collection of novellas[…]