Knock Knock! Any Vampires Home?

Is there a title more apropos (or even expected) than I Can Taste The Blood¬†for a book that might feature some sort of blood sucker? That’s for me to know and you to find out (aka: buy the book!). Sometimes I wonder if the concept of “tasting blood” is taken too literally. What if “tasting Read more about Knock Knock! Any Vampires Home?[…]

Clones, Drones, a Bag o’ Bones

I’ve read I CAN TASTE THE BLOOD twice. If I had to sum it up in my own words, I would simply say that to my knowledge there has never been a single¬†collection of five authors who are so very different. And that’s what makes it special. Unique. Disturbing. Nightmarish Each one of us come Read more about Clones, Drones, a Bag o’ Bones[…]