Knock Knock! Any Vampires Home?

Is there a title more apropos (or even expected) than I Can Taste The Blood for a book that might feature some sort of blood sucker? That’s for me to know and you to find out (aka: buy the book!). Sometimes I wonder if the concept of “tasting blood” is taken too literally. What if “tasting Read more about Knock Knock! Any Vampires Home?[…]

“I Can Taste the Blood” Vision II by J. Daniel Stone

Certain doors should never be opened. What you find on the other side may be your undoing. Movies often provide an escape from the realities of a troubled life. But they can also be a gateway to some the most terrifying passions ever conceived. In J. Daniel Stone’s nightmarish vision of life and lust, two Read more about “I Can Taste the Blood” Vision II by J. Daniel Stone[…]

Clones, Drones, a Bag o’ Bones

I’ve read I CAN TASTE THE BLOOD twice. If I had to sum it up in my own words, I would simply say that to my knowledge there has never been a single collection of five authors who are so very different. And that’s what makes it special. Unique. Disturbing. Nightmarish Each one of us come Read more about Clones, Drones, a Bag o’ Bones[…]

Why horror takes us where other genres can’t go.

I’ve been dreaming about this book since 2013. That’s when I was first invited to pen a novella inspired by the words “I CAN TASTE THE BLOOD”. Did I have a clue what I wanted to write? Nope. Does that even matter now? Nope. All that matters is that this beautiful book is coming soon. But Read more about Why horror takes us where other genres can’t go.[…]

A unique collection of novellas

Greeting readers, writers and of course fans of fun! I Can Taste The Blood is live on Facebook and Twitter in case you want to follow for updates and information on the authors and publisher, and why the book is going to be the most unique collection of novellas of 2016. For me, personally, I CAN TASTE THE Read more about A unique collection of novellas[…]