Why horror takes us where other genres can’t go.

brokenwingsI’ve been dreaming about this book since 2013. That’s when I was first invited to pen a novella inspired by the words “I CAN TASTE THE BLOOD”. Did I have a clue what I wanted to write? Nope. Does that even matter now? Nope. All that matters is that this beautiful book is coming soon.

But let’s rewind to 2015. I had much to say about many things, as I normally do, and knowing that one cannot go on rampant social media rants in order to be taken seriously, I had to put my creativity to the test. You know how it goes. Pen to Paper. Mind/Madness to Manifestation. The words poured out of me; I could not stop them, and I didn’t want to stop them. I fell in love over and over with my characters. A white-hot moment. The Queer community was on my mind; films were on my mind. Hate was in me, anger, regret; malice and sadness. Nobody needs to know the reasons why. But while all these feelings twined together in my mind, I discovered that I was fortunate enough to be using the horror genre as my platform.

Horror allows us to go places that other genres cannot even dream of. But why?

You see, horror is depthless. As stated above, horror allows the author to reach into places where other genres just can’t go, because it wouldn’t make sense in their universe. Horror frees us to look into the face of evil/death/madness and spread the awareness that it comes in many forms, hurts many people. But why doesn’t horror ever get the street cred for that? Beats me. But what I do know is that the thing that sets the horror genre apart from the rest is that horror recognizes that in reality, all of the said lunacies should be kept to the page. We do not bring our inner terrors into the real world by acting upon them; we do not use our insecurities/anger as an outlet to cause other people harm. We write about it, talk about it; we make sure people understand that madness is real, but that we as horror authors are merely the reporters. Our duty is to bring this to light with words, while recognizing that the real world is scarier than anything the imagination could ever create.

That was my thinking when writing my portion of I CAN TASTE THE BLOOD. It was not easy; writing never is. And if anyone is even interested–if I had my own choice for a title–it would have been The Chronology of Decay. What does that mean, you ask? Well, there’s only one way to find out. Get a copy for yourself on August 23rd.

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