A unique collection of novellas

Greeting readers, writers and of course fans of fun!

I Can Taste The Blood is live on Facebook and Twitter in case you want to follow for updates and information on the authors and publisher, and why the book is going to be the most unique collection of novellas of 2016.

For me, personally, I CAN TASTE THE BLOOD is a book that I’m so proud of. This is not me blowing smoke up my own a**, it’s actually me being genuine. I’ve read the stories in this book in their rough drafts. ROUGH DRAFTS! Judging by that, holy moly, this book is special. REALLY SPECIAL! UNIQUE! Now, imagine the final product! I know that I CAN TASTE THE BLOOD will make waves in the dark fiction community. And here’s why:

Five Unique Voices.
Five Disturbing Visions.
One Nightmare.

I urge everyone to open their hearts and their minds and get this book on August 23rd, 2016 when it is available for sale. Grey Matter Press is the hottest publisher of dark fiction. Support them.

You didn’t expect this. Trust me.

Forever Bloodletting,

***Photo is of two I CAN TASTE THE BLOOD authors going mad in Detroit…

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